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Samantha Bauman and Jim Ziltz, both Top Agents at BHHS Chicago, have partnered up to help serve those who are looking to make a move from the City to the Burbs or vice versa. Having two experts help you with your move will set you up for success in both the city and suburban market. Get started by contacting Sam and Jim at 630-967-8068 or sbauman@bhhschicago.com.

Jim and Sam have been friends for over 15 years and have both relocated from the city to the burbs and vis versa (maybe even a few times). After Jim helped Sam and her husband relocate from the city to the burbs, Sam realized her love for real estate and worked towards becoming a Real Estate Broker. She quickly became a sales leader in her office and Jim and Sam have been able to create a unique partnership to help their mutual clients relocate between the city and the suburbs. They both share strong knowledge of the city and suburban markets which helps them guide their clients while each offering a unique strength for the transition. Their love for real estate makes this a natural partnership that helps their clients feel comfortable with all of their real estate needs. 

Jim Ziltz

Top 2% of BHHS Agents Nationwide
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Sam Bauman

Top 2% of BHHS Agents Nationwide
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